a picture of myself

A little about me

I'm a Full-Stack Dev residing in Centerville Ohio. I went to Sinclair Community College for Computer Science for two years. Although I did not graduate, I gained enough knowledge and experience to continue my journey through self teaching myself more updated technologies then Sinclair was teaching us. I've spent most of my time on Codecademy, The Odin Project, & Udemy courses. I've worked with other Dev's as well on Projects such as Shopsmith's website & a few others. I'm always eager to learn new languages and frameworks, I can't seem to get enough when it comes to becoming a better developer.

In my free time I love to read books, my favorite genre being Science Fiction & Fantasy. I love to hang out with my Son, there's just something so neat about having a mini-me running around. In the spring & summer time I enjoy to go out Disc Golfing (hence the Disc Golf website) & of course I love working on my projects, especially this one & my other blogs.