Dayton Disc Golf

This is my personal favorite site I have made (besides my own portfolio) It's a mock E-commerce shopping experience I made from scratch. There's much more I look forward to adding to it in the coming months.

icon of vuejs
an image of my disc golf website

Dans Coffee

My love for coffee had inspired me to make a blog site for nothing but the famed coffee bean. It was my first big site I made and look forward to updating.

an image of my coffee blog site

Coffee Blog built with HTML,CSS,JS, & Bootstrap

Holli's Kitchen

My wife is an absolute KILLER cook. She's helped me discover regional cuisines that I would never thought Id try. So I thought how cool would it be to make a site with her recipes on it?

an image of my website of Holli's Kitchen

A Recipe website for my wife built with HTML, CSS, Jquery & Bootstrap

Macros Gym

My very first webpage I made. Fresh out of learning at freecodecamp I took on the challenge of coding my first page. While not perfect, it shows how far I've come.

An image of my website Macros

My first site ever built with HTML,CSS & JS